How to clean artificial flowers?

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Jak czyścić sztuczne kwiaty?

How to clean artificial flowers? More and more often we decide to buy artificial flowers for our apartment or balcony. They are very easy to maintain – they do not need to be watered or wither. What’s more, artificial flowers very often look real. This again makes us reach for them more and more willingly.

However, there remains the question of cleaning this type of ornaments. How to clean artificial flowers? What care methods should we avoid? we answer.

Gentle cleaning

There is one basic rule of flower care. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake or real. Flowers like delicacy, so we have to clean them gently. Most often , artificial flowers are cleaned with a damp cloth or delicate cleaning wipes.

The first way is definitely better. Why? Because wet cleaning wipes contain a chemical agent. This, in turn, can be harmful to the material from which the flowers are made. What’s more, its excess is released during cleaning. This can lead to unsightly stains that are difficult to remove on the flowers.

The best cleaning agent is wipes soaked in plain water. Of course, we should cut off the excess. Then just wipe the flowers with a tissue and you’re done! In this way, we will get rid of excess dust from their surface. Nevertheless, this method works only if you regularly clean the flowers from fine dust.

Coarse soiling

Slightly more soiling often appears on individual flowers and flower garlands . How to deal with them? Simply cleaning the flakes with a tissue may not be enough in this case. It is best to treat the flowers with a gentle shower then. Artificial flower garlands can be easily placed, for example, in a bowl, and then gently pour water over them. However, avoid flooding bowls with flowers with water.

Artificial flowers do not like its excess. We can add detergent to the bath, but we should buy it in a florist ‘s shop . Specialist floristic accessories are perfect for flower care. However, let’s avoid a flower bath in powders or other types of specifics not intended for flowers. We can destroy their structure.

How to clean white flowers?

The biggest problem we usually have with cleaning white flowers. Unfortunately, although they look beautiful, they can be very capricious. White color very quickly catches various types of dirt. What’s more, white flowers that age too long in the wardrobe often become covered with unsightly brown spots. How to lure them out? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Some people do not give such flowers a second chance at all. Nevertheless, there is a way for us to get rid of stubborn stains.

In the beginning, we should expose the dirty flowers to the sun. It is important that they do not lie on it all day. In this case, they may lose their snow-white color, which will turn into yellow or slightly beige. Therefore, it will be best if the flowers lie in the sun for about an hour. Then we should clean the flowers gently, using a wet cloth. We can also treat our flowers with a light shower.

If the stains still do not want to come off, we should purchase specialized means to remove them. You can get them at a good flower shop or flower shop. Remember, however, that these must be agents intended for cleaning bright artificial flowers. If we can’t get them in the local store, we will certainly buy them online.

How not to clean artificial flowers?

In the context of cleaning flowers, certain practices should definitely be avoided. First of all, we cannot clean flowers with popular detergents. What’s more, we can’t flood them with water. One, that artificial flowers do not like excess water, two – it will be difficult to dry them afterwards.

We also cannot clean artificial flowers with a completely dry cloth or handkerchief. The reason is that we only move excess dust or dust. We don’t actually remove it completely because it doesn’t stick to the dry material. Another mistake that many Poles make is washing artificial flowers. This is actually the worst thing we can do.

Usually, we throw artificial flowers into the washing machine, add washing powder, and often also fabric softener. The washing machine will wash the flowers, but in the end there may not be much left. Remember that after washing clothes, we usually need to iron them. Meanwhile, we do not iron artificial flowers. This, in turn, causes them to be crumpled and lose their aesthetic appearance.

In addition, some materials can stretch too much. There will be nothing left but to get rid of artificial flowers, which are beautiful decorations. Washing them in the washing machine is therefore not the best solution. It is much better to spend a little more time caring for them and enjoy better results.

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