Investment apartments by the sea

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Apartamenty inwestycyjne nad morzem

Investment apartments by the sea – a complex of facilities with apartments is being built on the most beautiful area near the Baltic Sea. The investment is located near the sea and a clean beach, so you can take a pleasant walk and enjoy the microclimate. The building offers apartments of various sizes, so depending on the needs, they can be handed over in the developer’s standard or with the so-called turnkey finish.

Who might be interested in making money on investment apartments by the sea? Anyone who has free financial resources and wants to protect them against inflation and increase the capital of their assets. Such a wonderful residential complex is designed for fans of the seaside climate and lifestyle in the resort.

How to make a profit from investment apartments by the sea?

By purchasing investment apartments by the sea, you can be sure of achieving the expected profit, because families with children will certainly be interested in renting. Such a facility is always packed with attractions not only for adults, but also for children.

There are many attractions for the right number of apartments, including a restaurant and service outlets. Invest in an apartment and earn from 7 to 8% per year.

What can the purchase of an apartment look like? You purchase premises with full ownership and conclude a lease agreement, for example, for a period of 10 years, of course with the option of extending it.

How is the apartment owner’s annual income calculated? It is often independent of its occupancy and is the product of 8% and the net price of the apartment. For example: an apartment with an area of 25 m2 – net price of PLN 380,000. The annual net rental income is about PLN 27,000, and PLN 2,250 is paid to the owner of the apartment every month.

Management of investment apartments by the sea

Investment apartments by the sea can be bought for rent to guests and earn money on it. You can also buy for yourself and earn on the increase in its value. The apartment complex is managed by a dedicated or external operator. The choice of location for investment facilities is not accidental, investors know the advantages of coastal areas.

Each apartment building built on the Baltic Sea is a huge commercial success and constantly enjoys the interest of buyers and guests who want to relax in luxurious conditions. In this area, everyone, regardless of age, has the opportunity to take advantage of the city’s rich offer, it is a great place to have fun and relax. This is a place without compromises, all seaside attractions are really at your fingertips.

The owners of the apartments themselves decide how they will be used:

They are not limited by long-term contracts.
They decide on their own when they want to use the apartment and when to rent it to guests.
Freedom in choosing an operator.

Owners of apartments by the sea also become co-owners of the infrastructure available in the area, they also decide what part of the joint investments involves.

The most advantageous form of selecting a facility manager is a dedicated operator. Why? If you want to earn money by renting an apartment without investing your time, it is worth using such a model. All matters are handled by an operator who is able to manage the entire facility and contributes to generating profits for the owners of investment apartments

What an experienced operator does:

Searching for guests willing to rent an apartment.
An advertisement for an apartment building.
Guest service.
Running the reception.
All cleaning work.
Purchase of investment apartments by the sea from a proven developer

A developer who has been operating on the real estate market for a long time conducts an in-depth analysis before choosing a location. The experience gained means that each investment is not accidental and carried out with attention to detail. When buying an apartment, it is worth using the developer’s portfolio and choosing the optimal investment that will bring the expected profits.

Investment apartments by the sea

Investment apartments by the sea guarantee a higher rate of return on investing capital, due to the greater demand than supply for rental for guests. You do not have to worry about the occupancy of apartments in the summer season, because the interest is at a high level. Also in the off-season, many people are interested in relaxing in silence with the sound of the waves.

The profit from renting is satisfactory, because you can get up to PLN 400 per day for an apartment. And building a house on your own is much more expensive than buying a flat of such a high standard. In addition, you do not need to look for a plot, because this is the developer’s task.

Analyzing reports from well-known seaside resorts, it can be concluded that even when renting from 20 to 35% of the occupancy rate during the year, the profit is good. It has been established that you can earn about PLN 40,000 per year on renting an investment apartment by the sea.

Why is it worth it?

The advantages of staying on the Baltic Sea are appreciated not only by the inhabitants, but also by tourists who come every year to relax. In addition to sea and sunbathing, you can walk along safe trails and use all the prepared amenities.

The apartment buildings are designed in a modern style with beautiful and comfortable balconies, terraces and gardens. Equipped with garages or parking lots, which is much appreciated by motorized tourists.

The architecture of the housing estate with apartments is mainly geometric forms creating a wonderful space, harmonizing with the seaside climate. Perfectly selected greenery decorates the interior areas and encourages spending time. The built facility and apartments are characterized by the highest care of workmanship, they give the possibility of individual arrangements.

Investment apartments by the Baltic Sea are a comfort zone for relaxation and an excellent investment of capital that is constantly working and not subject to inflation.

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