What are they and how to deal with the removal of calluses?

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What are they and how to deal with the removal of calluses? Calluses most often appear on the feet. They can cause a lot of pain, which unfortunately makes it difficult to walk. However, it turns out that they can be prevented. Let’s take a closer look at the topic of calluses.

What do calluses look like?

Calluses are simply calluses that appear most often on the feet, but also on the hands. They are soft to the touch and yellow in color. They may be surrounded by reddened skin. They are usually located on the soles of the feet.

Most often, calluses are a problem for women who spend most of their time wearing high-heeled shoes. Calluses can make it difficult to move, and ignoring them can lead to inflammation. And what to do when we have already contracted calluses? How to proceed?

Home remedies for removing calluses

There are plenty of ways to remove calluses online. However, remember that home methods for removing calluses can only be used when the corns are very small. If this is what we are dealing with, it is enough to soak the feet in warm water, from which we add baking soda. In a later step, we treat our feet with a pumice stone. After drying with a towel, apply a generous amount of moisturizer.

Patches with salicylic acid are available at the pharmacy and can cope well not only with corns, but also with our title calluses. Removal of calluses (in the initial state) is also possible with a chamomile bath. However, if we cannot cope with the removal of calluses, then we should use professional help.

Toiletry bag

One of the people who can deal with the removal of calluses is an experienced beautician. We go to the beautician with all calluses. It’s best at a stage when they don’t hurt. Then the beautician performs a therapeutic pedicure for us. And what if our calluses are really at an advanced stage? Who to go to? It definitely shouldn’t be a beautician. So who to go to?

Podology office

When we already know that we have calluses. What’s more, they hurt us a lot, we should sign up for a visit to a podiatrist who will admit us to the podiatry office. We really have nothing to fear. The treatment in the office is completely painless.

The specialist uses a milling machine or a special chisel with a hollow drill bit. Immediately after the removal of calluses or calluses, a small hole may appear on our foot. This hole should be covered with a plaster so that no infection can get in. As you can see, there is no pain in removing calluses. Therefore, it is not worth avoiding visiting a podiatrist indefinitely.

We really won’t regret it. Not only will we get rid of our embarrassing problem, but also the visit will take place in a very positive atmosphere. What more could you want? I don’t think we need anything anymore. We should make an appointment as soon as possible. At the very end, however, it is worth finding out what to do to prevent the formation of calluses.

How to prevent the formation of calluses?

It turns out that we have to stick to specific rules so that corns, corns and calluses do not appear on our feet. What rules are we talking about? Certainly our footwear should not be too soft. It is best if it is made of soft leather.

During heavier physical work, gloves should always be worn on your hands (we remind you that they may also appear on your hands).

In turn, the feet should be creamed every day. Thanks to this, our skin will be properly moisturized. Women should avoid tights with thick seams. The point is that there will never be friction again.

Both women and men should remember that feet and hands should be taken care of throughout the year. No exceptions. This aspect especially applies to the skin on the feet, which, unfortunately, many people still care about only in the summer.

Remember that during a visit to the podiatrist you can talk about the best possible care. It is the podiatrist who is a specialist in our feet. He will advise us on many numerous applications that are perfect for everyday care.

You can also ask for a good quality cream. Most often, creams are used that are based on fully natural ingredients. Thanks to this, no chemicals will be used. We know perfectly well that chemistry in cosmetics is not good. The more natural the product, the better.

Finally, it is worth adding that it is worth choosing good quality shoes. Without it, unfortunately, we will not be able to take good care of our feet. Everything that we fix with daily care, we will destroy with a poor selection of footwear. Let’s be aware of that.

The podiatrist will even point out to us that the material from which the socks we wear are made also has a big impact on foot care. For sure, if we put it all together, we will have well-groomed feet and future visits to the podiatrist will not be necessary.

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