What does a lawyer do?

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What does a lawyer do? In the course of our lives, each of us has heard of someone like a lawyer, and although most of us are lucky enough to associate him from movies, it is worth knowing who this person really is, when to ask for help and what exactly he is. able to help. After all, the word advocate itself comes from the Latin advocate , which loosely translates to “call for help”. What does a lawyer do?

Who is an attorney?

An advocate is a person who has a university degree in law, but also completed a lawyer’s apprenticeship (something like apprenticeships that take place after graduation), but also passed an exam opening her the possibility of working in the profession. The lawyer’s services include not only representing his clients in court, which most of us certainly associate with him, but also all kinds of advisory services, including those aimed at drafting opinions or legal acts.

Attorneys usually act on behalf of law firms , which are either set up by themselves or by another lawyer.

When to seek the help of an attorney?

Whenever we are dealing with law in any sense of the word and we need help with it, it is natural to reach for the help of someone like a lawyer , realizing from the start that the specialization of each of them may differ. We should hire a lawyer when we are dealing with:

  • matters in the field of civil law, related to inheritance, labor law or insurance. He will not only help us to draw up the right documents, but also to submit all kinds of complaints, appeals, and if necessary, also represent us before the court;
  • administrative matters, i.e. those that usually involve things related to offices; the lawyer prepares applications and letters here, but also issues legal opinions, very often binding him with responsibility for their correctness (however, we must conclude a proper contract with him);
  • criminal cases, with which he is most associated due to the popularity of various types of films and series that assume the use of this subject. The lawyer is able to represent us at every stage of the criminal proceedings, regardless of how complicated the case is, but in most cases only if we have not committed a given offense (he has the right to refuse to defend the person actually guilty). The lawyer may also act as an auxiliary or private prosecutor;
  • cases related to family law, with these lawyers being the most popular nowadays. All because of the times in which we live and in which we divorce very often. Divorce is a more complicated matter than many of us might think and it often involves activities in which it is difficult to find a common language with the future would-be spouse. We are talking about alimony, determining parental authority or even the division of joint property, which is the most common element of arguments.

It is worth mentioning that not every lawyer has to be good at all the cases we mentioned. On the contrary, lawyers very often choose their own specializations, focusing only on one area of ​​law and trying to develop in it.

There is no one-size-fits-all attorney who would take on everything – but it is very good for us, because it allows us to find a person whose services we will be satisfied with, because they will be focused on our type of cases.

What should a good lawyer have?

A good attorney is one who devotes himself to the case and approaches each client in the most individual way. It is understandable that every case is different – so this work cannot be approached in a standard way.

A very useful feature of a solid lawyer is also his ability to listen to other people – as we have said before, each case is different, and the lawyer should get to know the case very carefully before acting and get to know the whole case from our perspective – regardless of whether related to civil law or criminal law.

All this usually closes in one feature, the most important feature of a lawyer: experience. The bigger he is, the more familiar he is in the courtroom (or wherever his skills apply) he can be.

An experienced lawyer is able to value himself – that is why we should choose this aspect in terms of the budget we have and the seriousness of the case we are dealing with at the moment. Let’s evaluate it objectively – it is known that our case is always considered the “most serious” – but it does not always require the best lawyer in his field.


Although an attorney is not someone whose services we should want to turn to, often there is simply no other option. There is nothing strange about it – a lawyer is, after all, a person whose profession consists in intervening in situations where the client is in need.

So it’s important to know when to use it and how it works.

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