What is hybrid nail polish?

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Co to jest hybrydowy lakier do paznokci?

What is hybrid nail polish? Hybrid varnish is very often used by women, due to the fact that it is characterized by above-average durability. Its use is not much different from traditional varnish, which is available in drugstores.

What exactly is hybrid nail polish? Why is this a noteworthy solution? What is the composition of the hybrid varnish? How should we apply hybrid varnishes? How to remove hybrid varnish? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Hybrid nail polish – what is it?

If we decided to define hybrid varnish, we would certainly come to the conclusion that it is a combination of soak-off properties together with traditional varnish. One of the main differences that should be outlined is the need to cure with a UV or LED lamp.

In addition, there are some differences in the composition and strong pigmentation, which we write about later in the article. It is worth mentioning that hybrid varnishes stand out due to the fact that they are durable, resistant and original.

They are used for both manicure and pedicure. They are able to stay on the nails for up to three weeks, which is certainly noteworthy. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that we can use hybrid varnish both in a professional beauty salon and at home.

Why is hybrid varnish noteworthy?

Many people wonder why hybrid varnish is so willingly chosen by women. Contrary to appearances, the answer to this question is not complicated. In this case, it is about the excellent properties of the cosmetic. Hybrid varnish is characterized by high durability, which oscillates around 2-3 weeks.

As a consequence, there is no need to paint every day, which is certainly noteworthy. It is worth noting the high resistance to damage. In practice, it is rare for a layer of paint to peel off or be damaged in any other way. A big advantage is also strong pigmentation and intense gloss.

Hybrid varnishes are visually interesting – they look great and are attractive. Using them, we can count on a natural effect, and the color saturation is relatively intense. It should also be mentioned that this varnish is able to eliminate damage to the nail plate. The cosmetic is completely safe and does not threaten our health.

It has been confirmed by research that hybrid varnish strengthens nails to a large extent. It has many uses, thanks to it we can create a lot of stylizations that can take your breath away.

Hybrid varnish – consistency and formula

We must be aware that the consistency of the hybrid is of great importance. It can neither be too thick nor too thin. As a consequence, we will spread the color evenly on the plate. We also don’t have to worry about ugly streaks or stains. In addition, the application of varnish will be comfortable and relatively quick. When it comes to the composition of hybrid varnish, we can find both standard products and 3-in-1 varnishes.

When using them, there is no need to apply a base or top coat. Such a formula is friendly to people who can boast of sensitive skin. The gloss lasts up to 14 days, which is certainly impressive.

How to apply hybrid varnish?

Performing a hybrid manicure is not problematic, but it takes even several dozen minutes, depending on our manual dexterity. To start working, we must have a hybrid base, nail degreaser, polishing block, hybrid varnish, hybrid top, as well as a UV or LED lamp. First of all, we should get rid of the cuticles and file the nails – thanks to this we will give them the right shape.

Then we apply a layer of base and cure it under the lamp. Next, we apply one or two layers of hybrid varnish. We use the UV or LED lamp again (about 60-90 seconds). All we have to do is put on the top and do the same as in the previous step. In the last stage, we deal with the finishing, i.e. we use a degreaser to get rid of the sticky layer. Remember to apply all substances evenly, also at the edges.

Removing hybrid varnish – how to do it?

We start the operation by sawing the top layer. Then we use cosmetic flakes. We soak them with a suitable preparation that is intended for this type of activity. Next, we wrap the nails with cosmetic foil.

If you already prepare your nails in this way, wait about 5 minutes. In the next step, we try to remove the cosmetic with a stick. If the paint does not come off, repeat the previous steps and try again. The most common mistakes include incorrect polishing, not removing the cuticles, inaccurate removal of the hybrid, omitting the fixing base.

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