Why is it important to eat dairy regularly?

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Dlaczego warto regularnie jeść nabiał?

Why is it important to eat dairy regularly? Groceries – Dairy is a great source of calcium and protein. It has been known for a long time that dairy is an invaluable product in our diet, but let’s remember to eat it rather in moderation. However, it is worth betting on groceries – dairy products from proven sources.

In Poland, there are a lot of organic farms where dairy products are produced without synthetic flavors, fragrances, preservatives and dyes. Let’s answer the question – why is it worth eating dairy products regularly?

What is dairy?

Foodstuffs – dairy products are all products that are of dairy origin. Here we can mention cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, yoghurt, buttermilk, cream or eggs. Dairy products are a source of very valuable protein, but not only. It turns out that food products – dairy products are also rich in vitamins. It is worth mentioning vitamin B2, B12 and vitamin D. In addition, dairy products contain mineral salts in the form of calcium, iodine, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur or phosphorus.

Particularly important is calcium, which, as we know, is necessary for the proper functioning of our skeletal system. As you can easily guess, the largest number of food products – dairy products should be included in the daily menu of children and also in the menu of elderly people over fifty. In older people, bones are exposed to much greater fragility. It is very interesting that dairy products contain a very low fat content. This information will prove valuable to those who care for the line.

Dairy also for people with lactose intolerance

Everyone should be aware that dairy products, especially products such as kefir, natural yoghurt or buttermilk, are a source of live cultures of probiotic bacteria. They are necessary for proper and proper peristalsis of our intestines. Well-functioning intestinal flora is actually responsible for the immunity of our entire body. The stronger our individual immune system is, the less often we catch cold.

We have to deal with the so-called lactose intolerance these days. It’s all about the sugar in milk. It is he who is a common food allergy. How will we recognize her? Lactose intolerance is manifested mainly by gastric problems, bloating and water retention in our body.

We can talk about lactose allergy itself when our body no longer produces enough of the enzyme that digests lactose. For people who struggle with lactose intolerance, manufacturers offer food products for such people – lactose-free dairy products.

Where is dairy in the food pyramid?

The first food pyramid was created by the Americans in 1916. WHO, i.e. the World Health Organization, updates nutritional recommendations every few years. In our country, the principles of healthy eating are developed by such an institution as the Food and Nutrition Institute in Warsaw. The pyramid in an extremely accessible way shows us the proportions of food products that are necessary in the daily diet. The higher the product group is, the lower the frequency and amount of consumption should be.

In the pyramid, which is the newest, dairy has jumped to the third position. It was previously ranked fourth. We need to make it clear to ourselves that dairy consumption is essential. At the same time, let us note that dairy should be consumed in a rather limited amount. Doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking a maximum of two glasses of kefir, milk or natural yoghurt a day.

Pay attention to the composition

Remember that the composition of individual products is extremely important. We must realize that milk of milk is not equal. The natural yoghurt of company x also differs significantly from that of company y. Let us remember that the appearance of the packaging or the price of the product is completely irrelevant. Many people might think that the more expensive buttermilk will be of better quality. This is not entirely true. Often a cheaper product is more valuable. That is why the composition of the product is so important.

We should spend some time shopping. Quick shopping will turn out to be really not a good idea. Reading each label without a doubt takes a lot of time. This is why time is needed. After some time, we will have our favorite valuable products. We can bet on them in the dark. We are very happy about it.

The beginnings are definitely the hardest. We can read about most products online, sitting comfortably in an armchair and sipping coffee. Thanks to this, we will not have to stick around for so long in large stores where it is very difficult to find anything. It is worth getting acquainted with all the opinions of specialists and experts in the field of nutrition. Let’s use their advice, and we will definitely do something good for ourselves. Remember – eat dairy products and choose valuable products.

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