Where to throw away old shoes?

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Gdzie wyrzucić stare buty?

Where to throw away old shoes? Even the best shoes deteriorate over time. Then you have to overcome the sentiment and be able to part with them. Others – they are suitable for the trash after the first use. And still others – perhaps they will not suit us, but will serve someone else. Where to throw away old shoes?

Where to throw away old shoes?

Many times we may have a problem with determining which bucket to throw a given item into. The same can be true of shoes. Leather, cotton or polyester – are these materials suitable for the plastics bin or maybe for the mixed waste bin?


It turns out that often the best choice will be to take old shoes to the Selective Collection of Municipal Waste. This is where the so-called textiles should go, so not only clothes, but also shoes. Footwear can often be recycled this way. For example, leather shoes can be turned into pellets, which can be used to craft other items.

Please note that each municipality has slightly different rules. For this reason, before we pack our shoes and take them to PSZOK, let’s check on the commune’s website whether they will be accepted there.

Clothes container

A slightly simpler solution is to throw the shoes into a clothes container. On many of them we can read that shoes are also welcome. Such shoes should be paired – for example, tied together with laces or put in a closed bag.

Footwear from such containers will go to textile recycling specialists. Those that are assessed as fit for use will go to second-hand clothing stores, and the rest will be converted into so-called cleaning cloths.

Can I donate old shoes?

The conventional wisdom is that you don’t give your shoes away. This is undoubtedly justified. After all, shoes often adapt to our foot, or simply destroy and collect our bacterial flora.

So can they be returned? It turns out that yes. In larger cities, campaigns are organized from time to time in which we can give away shoes that will no longer serve us. Of course, it cannot be completely worn shoes, but minor impurities or damage are not an obstacle. Renovation companies also take part in such actions, which deal with bringing the shoes to the optimal condition.

So the shoes are cleaned, repaired and ozonated to kill possible fungi and bacteria. Footwear prepared in this way has a chance to live another life on the feet of a person who needs shoes, but cannot afford them.

Do shoes have to be thrown away?

If the zero waste or less waste philosophy is close to our hearts, we may wonder whether old shoes really need to be thrown away. It turns out that it doesn’t have to be necessary. There are many ways to give them a second life.

Pots from old shoes

Shoes that are no longer wearable can be the perfect pot for small plants. This type of creative decoration can be placed at home, in the garden or on the balcony. Even standing on the window sill, it will undoubtedly attract the eyes of passers-by, testifying to the original minds of the household members.

These pots are very easy to make. It is enough to make small holes in the soles of old shoes through which excess water will drain. Then we fill the shoe with drainage and soil, and finally – we place the selected plant in it. Shoes with decorative qualities, for example, elegant high heels, will work especially well here.

When it comes to choosing flowers, succulents are the best. These are plants that do not need a lot of water, thanks to which the pot will serve us much longer.

Jewelry hanger

If we got shoes that look amazing, but are so uncomfortable that you can’t wear them – nothing lost. We can still use them. A very simple way to do this is to create a hanger for earrings and other jewelry. It is enough to enrich the shoe with a few hooks that match its aesthetics.

Needle pillow

Our children’s shoes are especially quick to throw away. Paradoxically, these are the ones that are usually the hardest for us to part with. Fortunately, it is not necessary. Let’s take socks, which our child has already grown out of, and stuff them into shoes. In this way, we will create an original pillow for needles, which will help us with sewing and store memories.

Clothes hanger

If we have to part with a few pairs of high heels, it’s a good time to create an interesting clothes hanger in our hallway. It is enough to attach the shoes to the longitudinal strip in such a way that the heels point upwards and thus form hangers for outerwear. Just remember to clean your heels first and put them in order!

Shoe bag

The most demanding solution is to convert leather shoes into a handbag. However, it is these shoes that are often the hardest to throw away – after all, they were made of the skin of some creature. Fortunately, if the leather is in good condition, we can gently dismember the shoes with the help of a regular rip attached to sewing kits. The next step will be to find patterns for patchwork handbags online. The last one is the use of this type of bag using the obtained leather.

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