Where is vitamin A located

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Gdzie znajduje się witamina A

Where to find vitamin A: It is well known that eating carrots or drinking carrot juice without preservatives affects the quality of the complexion. For this reason, both products are eagerly consumed by women who take care of themselves. What makes these products so beneficial for the skin? Well, they are carriers of vitamin A. It is worth being aware of the action of this nutrient.

What is this vitamin responsible for? What foods can we find vitamin A in? What problems does retinol supplementation in tablets solve? We strongly encourage you to read on!

Specificity of vitamin A

What is worth knowing about vitamin A? It is in the group of vitamins that are very easily soluble in fats. If you want to better assimilate this nutrient, it is worth knowing. By eating fatty foods containing vitamin A, we increase its effectiveness. Speaking of fatty foods, the products that come to mind are meat.

Yes it’s true. The highest concentration of this nutrient is found in animal products. We’ll come back to this topic later. Another issue regarding the characteristics of this substance is the composition. It is good to know that the base version of the described substance is the so-called retinol and its derivatives, such as beta-carotene.

Surely you have come across this name while involuntarily listening to fruit juice commercials on TV or radio. Both of these ingredients synthesize into what we popularly call vitamin A. The following paragraph is devoted to the action of vitamin A on the human body.

The role of vitamin A

We started the introduction of the article by giving an example with carrots and carrot juice. Not without a reason. The first salutary function of this nutrient is to improve the quality of the skin and complexion. Many cosmetics for women contain beta-carotene. The use of such preparations smoothes the skin. Ladies who care about beautiful, healthy skin use creams containing carotene to rejuvenate a bit.

As you can see, cosmetics containing beta-carotene act as an antioxidant. In addition to the complexion, it also smoothes the epidermis. Prevents the so-called calluses of the epidermis.

Thanks to the application of this ingredient, we improve visual acuity and prevent dry eye syndrome. This is a valuable tip for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor. Problems with dry eyes also affect all those people who work at the computer on a daily basis.

What is the deficiency of this substance?

Let’s ask a legitimate question about vitamin A deficiency in the body. What causes an insufficient amount of this nutrient in our body. Since we mentioned above about healthy, firm skin, which ladies owe to beta-carotene, it is worth presenting the opposite situation. The deficiency of this ingredient in our system causes skin problems. It may be flaking or keratinization of the epidermis.

Vitamin A deficiency also manifests itself in vision problems. Without sufficient amounts of this vitamin, we can see worse at night over time. It is also the problem of dry eyes.

However, this is not all we would like to warn about. Vitamin A deficiency is associated with growth disorders and fertility problems. People planning to enlarge the family should not underestimate the application of this very important nutrient

What to eat to enjoy healthy skin and eagle eyesight?

Vitamin A is perfectly soluble in fats. This distinguishes it from some other nutrients that dissolve perfectly in water. Speaking of fats, of course, retinol is found in the greatest amounts in animal products. An example of meat in which this substance is present is beef liver.

In addition to typical meat dishes, vitamin A will appear in eggs, milk and fish. In the context of fish, it is worth betting on mackerel, tuna or salmon. The latter can be a bit expensive, but it is worth betting on this food product due to the properties of the substance it contains.

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins that are extremely valuable for the proper functioning of the human body. Among them there will be proto-vitamin A, i.e. the so-called beta-carotene. We are talking about red, green and orange vegetables here.

Throw spinach on a plate, make pumpkins and eat carrots. Thanks to these foods, you will have a direct impact on improving the appearance of your skin, better eyesight and healthier bones.

Apart from food products, vitamin A can be supplied in a slightly different way. We will tell you what retinol and beta-carotene contain in the following paragraph.

Supplementation, drugs and cosmetics

Vitamin A, as we mentioned above, is often found in pharmacology due to its specificity. As with any other vitamin or trace elements, it is in the form of tablets. People who want to enrich their diet with supplements can bet on vitamin A capsules. Of course, they can be multivitamin.

Not only that, beta-carotene is found in cosmetics for smoothing and firming the skin. It is mostly used by women who are aware of the effects of vitamin A and want to make their skin more elastic. The effect of contraceptives on the production of vitamin A in the body should also be emphasized. Well, they cause its extra growth.

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