How to properly paint a steel structure?

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Jak należy malować prawidłowo konstrukcję stalową?

How to properly paint a steel structure? Steel structures are building structures or their parts. They are made of steel. Most often they are the basis for creating production halls and warehouses. In the guide below, we will tell you how to paint them and what is the price of painting steel structure elements. How much does it cost to assemble a steel structure?

Steel structures have gained in popularity due to their wide application. They can be permanent or temporary, depending on what the entrepreneurs want to use them for. They are perfect for expanding large-area buildings with additional space. With their help, you can create: a production hall, a service and utility facility, warehouses, cold stores, freezers, sorting plants, supermarkets, shops and sheds or car washes.

What are the basic types of steel structures?

Steel structures are divided into three types: skeleton-bar, skeleton-bar-tension, as well as surface structures. The first type can be used to build a hall, the second for large-scale projects, and the third during the creation of tanks, because it is a load-bearing element.

How are the markings for paints for painting a finished steel structure?

Painting the structure is necessary because it allows you to protect it against weather conditions and corrosion. In addition, the painted steel structure looks definitely aesthetic. During the painting process, it is extremely important to choose the paint with which the structure will be painted and the method of its application.

Before choosing a paint, it is necessary to analyze what atmospheric factors act on the steel structure. The corrosive environment is also important, which has been classified in the ISO 12944-2 standard into corrosiveness categories: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5-I and C5-M. The C1 designation means very low corrosivity. It most often occurs in rooms that are not heated, and therefore less exposed to moisture and weather conditions.

Paints containing the C2 designation are most often chosen for rooms that are not heated. The C3 marking category is used for production rooms with a high degree of humidity and air pollution. It applies in particular to urban and industrial areas with an average degree of pollution. The C4 designation means high corrosivity.

Such conditions usually occur in coastal areas where salinity is much higher. However, the C5 marking category means that there is a high risk of corrosiveness.

What paints are available for painting steel structure elements?

Anticorrosive paints include: acrylic, alkyl, polyurethane and epoxy. Acrylic enamel in its composition contains resin. Therefore, it can protect against acids, bases and water, including sea water.

Some alkyl paints contain the addition of styrene or acrylic chemicals. Polyurethane paints are recommended for use in harsh environments. On the other hand, epoxy paints are used as a basic measure to protect steel structures.

How should a steel structure be painted?

Painting of the steel structure should start with thorough degreasing of the steel. It is best to use water with detergent for this. It can be water with dishwashing liquid. It is not recommended to use gasoline or other means, because they will not melt all the fat that is on the steel structure.

If the painted element is dirty, it should be cleaned again. A good solution is also to use a pressure washer for this. The substrate must be thoroughly dry before applying the paint. Then apply anti-corrosion paint to the painted element. You should paint the first layer with a contrasting color. Thanks to this, you will be sure that you have applied a sufficiently thick layer.

What is the price for painting and erecting a steel structure?

If you do not have the knowledge or skills and you cannot paint precisely, decide to use the help of professionals. The price of painting finished steel elements depends on the height of the painted elements and their size. It also depends on what paint will be used when painting the steel structure.

The average duration of the service is about 3-4 weeks. The rate for the assembly of the steel structure depends on the width of the facility, the number of holes made in the steel structure and whether anti-corrosion protection is to be applied. Prices are set individually with each client.

Where can you order a light steel structure painting service?

Offers for painting steel structures available on the Internet. All you have to do is enter the search query for the service and the region in which you live in the Google search engine. Painting steel structures to order helps prevent damage to them as a result of the weather. When painting, the right technique and the correct selection of anti-corrosion paints are important.

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