How much does a self-service car wash cost

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How much does a self-service car wash cost – we love our cars and it’s hard to part with them. We take care of their beautiful, shiny appearance and technical condition. Thanks to properly maintained vehicles, we are able to enjoy them for many years. Proper maintenance is not an easy process. Improper washing of the car can contribute to the formation of scratches on the bodywork or external damage to quickly conspicuous elements.

An alternative to manual vehicle washing is to take advantage of the possibilities offered by self-service car washes. These usually come in a non-contact form. We will describe what washing on such a car wash is all about, what are its advantages and disadvantages. We will also advise you on the cost of washing your car in a self-service car wash. We invite you to intriguing reading!

The specificity of self-service car washes

Self-service car washes are divided into two main types. The first type is manual car washes. They consist in manual cleaning of the surface of the car, with the use of accessories for cleaning rims, bodywork, mirrors and headlights available at the car wash. However, this task is time-consuming, so the most common type of self-service car washes used by drivers are touchless car washes. They are characterized by little physical contact with the surface of the vehicle.

Most of the work for us is done by an automated system. Using a special lance, we direct a specific stream of water onto the surface of the car being washed. The whole work does not take very long and allows you to thoroughly clean the vehicle. Below we will indicate the basic advantages and disadvantages of self-service car washes.

Positive pluses and minus pluses

Everything in the world has a light and a dark side. It is similar with the described self-service car washes. In the case of manual car washes, the advantages may include the money we spend for using cleaning accessories in its area. There are definitely more disadvantages in this case, because the whole project takes us time and energy. Cleaning the surface of the vehicle is no different from washing it at home.

Touchless self-service car washes have definitely more advantages, because we do not have much contact with the surface of the car, with cloths or body cleaning powder. First, using a special brush, we apply a cleaning agent, and then, using an automatic system, we direct the stream of water onto the surface of the car.

The standard jet of water thrown at the car is about 100 bar. For this reason, you should carefully and skilfully direct the water stream so as not to damage the car body (which may cause micro-cracks), mirrors or headlights. It is recommended to thoroughly wet the most dirty places of the car with a cloth. By skilfully using a self-service touchless car wash, we are able to remove the most stubborn dirt from the chassis, wheels and bodywork. We also gain access to mild chemicals with which we can clean the car and restore its original appearance.

Unfortunately, the lack of practice in operating the lance can cause problems with deepening damage to the paintwork. Strong baric pressure can push dirt between the seals, which will cause us trouble with the vehicle in the near future. The key to the proper use of such a car wash is far-reaching caution and intuition.

How much does it cost to use the services of self-service car washes?

This question bothers drivers who are considering using the services of self-service car washes. The total cost of the car cleaning operation is between PLN 10 and PLN 20 for 10 minutes of work. Prices at various self-service car washes are quite similar. It is worth noting, however, that when looking for self-service car washes, we can find those that give us a little more time to complete the entire operation.

The service package includes accessories that will help us deal with the largest and hard-to-wash dirt on the chassis and rims. In addition to the automatic lance offered as standard, we will also find a special brush for cleaning dirt on the sensitive elements of the vehicle and a mild chemical agent, thanks to which we will thoroughly remove the dirt.

However, that’s not all, because some self-service car washes have a service that allows you to attach a program with chemicals to help clean terribly dirty rims. All this is included in the price of the service, valued at PLN 10-20 for 10 minutes of work. Do you think it’s worth it?

How to save?

The fact is that the service offered by self-service car washes is not expensive. This is no more than PLN 20 for 10 minutes of work. Of course, we can reduce this sum. How to save on the whole process? It’s enough to get away with flushing the car faster. Admittedly, it requires greater efficiency and dexterity in using the lance, but it is possible. The baric pressure under which the water released from the lance flows is optimal to remove standard dirt on the vehicle body. Another way to save time, and thus money, is to resign from applying another layer of wax on the last program.

If you ask about any other way to minimize car washing costs, we will answer you in a way that you certainly do not expect. Drive your vehicles to the self-service car wash as often as possible. Your vehicles will be less dirty than if you clean your car very rarely. This will translate into car washing time.

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