BB glow – how long does it last?

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BB glow - jak długo się utrzymuje?

BB glow – how long does it last? Permanent makeup of lips, eyes or eyebrows is very popular. It is used by women all over the world who want to save time when applying make-up in the morning, as well as to emphasize their natural beauty. Technological development in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology has led to the creation of a modern, innovative treatment, which is bb glow.

Every woman dreams of beautiful skin without perfection, with an even tone and a natural, fresh glow. BB glow is a way of facial skin pigmentation, thanks to which it is possible to hide any epidermis defects, such as redness, discoloration and gray color.

After the treatment, the skin of the face looks like after applying a brightening foundation, thanks to which you can look good and fresh without the use of coloring cosmetics. How long does the bb glow effect last? What is this type of pigmentation? Who can do it?

What is the BB glow treatment – what is it about?

BB glow is a modern treatment that has recently won the hearts of women. This is a type of microneedle mesotherapy, which is enhanced by applying an ampoule with a pigment deep into the epidermis. The action of mesotherapy together with the pigmentation preparation allows for strong nourishment of the facial skin, brightening it and evening out the color. BB glow can be used on the skin of the face, problematic eye area, neckline and neck, as well as hands.

During the treatment, an ampoule is applied to the epidermis, which in its recipe contains active ingredients with brightening, moisturizing and coloring properties. Thanks to micro-punctures, substances have a chance to penetrate deep into the skin and settle in it, which allows you to achieve the desired effect.

The treatment can be performed on any type of skin, including dry skin with visible defects. The effects are possible to achieve after the first treatment, but it is recommended to carry out several series. The ampoule consists of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, probiotics, plant extracts as well as toner and highlighter, the shade of which adapts to your skin color.

BB glow – how long does the effect last?

The bb glow treatment comes from Korean care and is increasingly chosen by women all over the world. Although micro-punctures are created during the procedure, the whole process is completely painless and does not break the continuity of the skin – there is no bleeding when applying the ampoule.

BB glow - how long does it last?The effect of illuminated, even skin is visible after the first treatment, but specialists recommend performing it in several series – preferably six applications. The number and effect of treatments is largely dependent on the initial appearance of the skin – the surface of the face with visible pigmentation changes requires more toner application.

The effect of an even skin tone lasts about six months to a year. After this time, it is necessary to repeat a series of bb glow treatments to enjoy a radiant complexion. The duration of the effect depends on individual predispositions and skin reaction to this type of pigmentation. The price of the procedure depends on the location and reputation of the office, it ranges from PLN 200 to PLN 500.

It is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist in the first two weeks after application of the ampoule. It is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun, and apply sunscreen every time you leave the house.

The effects of the bb glow treatment

BB glow is becoming more and more popular. Its fame is due to the surprising results that allow you to get rid of complexes and avoid morning makeup. The effects of the bb glow treatment are:

      • skin color alignment,
      • leveling defects, such as uneven surface of the epidermis, hollows, scars,
      • significant, visible improvement in skin hydration and density,
      • firming the skin and eliminating fine wrinkles,
      • giving glow by applying a highlighter,
      • improving skin tone and stimulating fibroblasts to work, which are responsible for collagen production,
      • improving the contour and oval of the face,
      • eliminating acne scars,
      • obtaining the effect as after applying the primer.

BB glow – what is the procedure like?

The client does not need any special preparation for the bb glow treatment. It is important to exclude possible contraindications and not to use strong peels and exposure to the sun within two weeks before the planned date of pigmentation. The treatment is completely painless, and possible pain depends on your personal pain threshold.

The course of the bb glow treatment:

          1. Thorough make-up removal and facial skin cleansing,
          2. Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells
          3. Skin disinfection, which will protect against the appearance of bacterial or viral infection after micropunctures,
          4. Performing microneedle mesotherapy using an ampoule enriched with toner and highlighter,
          5. Massage the product into the skin and leave it for about 20 minutes.

BB glow is a spectacular treatment that allows you to obtain a uniform, even skin color in a non-invasive way. It allows you to get rid of complexes and imperfections, and enjoy glowing, fresh skin every day.

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